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  • Grand Prix: Films & Filming, June 1967

    Grand Prix: Films & Filming, June 1967

    The Frankenheimer conjunction of flesh and steel which made vivid viewing in The Train is taken an elaborate step further in Frankenheimer’s latest. and even though the standard-screen, gritty black-and-white of The Train is here replaced by a generous palette and Cinerama, the identification between the mechanical and the human is no less powerful or…

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  • To Sir, With Love: Film & Filming, November 1967

    To Sir, With Love: Film & Filming, November 1967

    James Clavell has directed three films before, Five Gates to Hell, Walk like a Dragon and The Sweet and the Bitter, though he is better known for his work as a writer for novels like King Rat and Tai Pan and screenplays such as The Great Escape, 633 Squadron and The Satan Bug.

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  • Privilege: Films & Filming, June 1967

    Privilege: Films & Filming, June 1967

    Peter Watkins’ Privilege, which so far has succeeded in stirring up more controversy than any other film this year apart from Antonioni’s Blow Up. The two films share one thing in common: both are generally hated within the film industry.

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sixties garage and psychedelic records reviewed

I have reviewed thousands of records over the years. These reviews were posted on an ancient deleted blog but will be updated and refreshed here on Acid Revolver.

vintage sixties press articles uncovered

I will focus on reviews and articles published in sixties magazines. Written material and obscure photographs will be scanned and uploaded on Acid Revolver.

Several of the groups highlighted on Acid Revolver will be well-known Kings of the sixties music scene including Sunset Strip royalty, The Byrds.
However, most of the records reviewed from my archive will be from relatively unknown garage psych combos creating a scene within their own locale.

music press archives

Rave. Intro. Disc & Music Echo. NME. Record Mirror. Melody Maker. Flip. Fabulous 208. Hit Parader. Tiger Beat.