documenting the optical sounds of '60s pop, Acid Punk & Psychedelia


Welcome to “Acid Revolver”, an online firearm loaded with only the finest psychedelic ammunition.

Here I will document psychedelia and acid punk throughout the decades, everything carefully curated from my extensive archive of 45s, albums and CDs.


I have reviewed thousands of records over the years. These reviews were posted on an ancient deleted blog but will be updated and refreshed here on Acid Revolver.


I will focus on reviews and articles published in sixties magazines. Written material and obscure photographs will be scanned and uploaded on Acid Revolver.

Several of the groups highlighted on Acid Revolver will be well-known Kings of the sixties music scene including Sunset Strip royalty, The Byrds.

However, most of the records reviewed from my archive will be from relatively unknown garage psych combos creating a scene in their own locale.

Please check out my podcast which has evolved from non-specific mixes to a focus on the 1967 records reviewed by Penny Valentine in her column for Disc & Music Echo.

So expect sixties classics, long-lost aural treasure and records that sank without trace during that fast-moving year of innovation, new ideas and transformation.

My podcast hosting service doesn’t allow lossless compression of digital audio, therefore all mind-bending sonic reveries will be converted into digital MP3 files in 320kbps clarity for the best in optical sound indoctrination.

I have mastered the mixes to make them sound “hot” like top 40 AM radio stations in the 1960s.

Strap yourself into your favourite hang-out and prepare for lift-off.  

your host

Colin Mason is a long-time vintage music magazine archivist and record collector specialising in mid-sixties Beat, Garage Punk and Psychedelia.

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