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Tag: Budget Label Curios

  • Apeman (Contour) 1971

    Apeman (Contour) 1971

    Because of the title I thought this would be an album’s worth of pop-hit copies recorded by school children. The type of record bought by mothers from Woolworths for their kids to play on their Dansette record players.

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  • Theme From 2001 (Stereo Gold Award) 1973

    Theme From 2001 (Stereo Gold Award) 1973

    Take an audio trip into space! With your loudspeakers “All go” – sit back and journey with one of the world’s leading orchestras into a galaxy of stereo-spacial sounds and music.

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  • Reflections (MFP) 1971

    Reflections (MFP) 1971

    What a fantastic cover! Three afro-headed soul chicks draped in tight-fitting funkadelic gear, lounging on a way-out looking American car. All caught on camera using a fish-eye lens.

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  • Everything Will Turn Out Fine (Hallmark) 1973

    Everything Will Turn Out Fine (Hallmark) 1973

    However my curated selection goes to “Everything Will Turn Out Fine” mainly because I’d never previously heard the song and to be fair, the production is rather good, so too are the musicians. Overall a good number and worthy of a YouTube upload.

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  • Wishing Well (RCA International) 1973

    Wishing Well (RCA International) 1973

    However my curated selection goes to “Wishing Well” mainly because it’s the best all round song on the set, hard rock vocals but fortunately not macho in any way. Also, the use of fuzz guitar is a bonus. I had no idea that fuzz was still in use during 1972.

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  • Viva Bobby Joe (Marble Arch) 1969

    Viva Bobby Joe (Marble Arch) 1969

    There’s a rather badly lit photo on the cover of a hippie type wearing what looks like a Nazi helmut and a slim blonde Marianne Faithfull look-a-like, dressed in black is having a go on his motorbike.

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  • L-L-Lucy (Hallmark) 1975

    L-L-Lucy (Hallmark) 1975

    The LP “Top Of The Pops – Volume 48” cost £1, from St Benedicts Hospice, a local charity shop in Concord, Washington. Most of the material on this is quite weak, the session singers struggle wildly with their remakes, especially the bloke creating the vocal style of David Bowie on “Space Oddity.”

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  • Gudbuy T’ Jane (Contour) 1972

    Gudbuy T’ Jane (Contour) 1972

    Without the shouty-heed shrill vocals of Noddy Holder there is no Slade so it’s good to know that the unknown Contour label session singer spent a week gorging on Cup-A-Soup’s to perfect the Noddy battle cry.

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  • Can You Do It (MFP) 1973

    Can You Do It (MFP) 1973

    It’s unknown if the Vicar and his good lady choked on their afternoon cup of tea while the silver bikini clad Jilly was bending down to whack some balls through those goal posts, or whatever they’re called.

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  • Hot Love (MFP) 1971

    Hot Love (MFP) 1971

    Ah, the seventies . . . a magical time for budget label cover art and album photographs. What we have here is a scantily-clad lass, probably from a local Council Estate and paid a tenner to pose in her bikini bottoms. Her striped briefs are fastened tight by a giant safety pin.

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  • Me And My Life (Hallmark) 1970

    Me And My Life (Hallmark) 1970

    The LP “Top Of The Pops – Volume 13” cost 50p from Shelter and it turns out to be worth it for the track under my scrutiny today. “Me And My Life” – a song I previously knew nothing about was released by The Tremeloes in August 1970.

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  • Theme From M*A*S*H (MFP) 1970

    Theme From M*A*S*H (MFP) 1970

    Since I retired early a couple of years ago I spend a lot of time searching for cheap records in charity shops. I don’t mind taking a chance and spending a couple of quid on an album. It’s still quite a buzz finding vinyl junk.

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