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Reflections (MFP) 1971

“Reflections” (MFP 5184) 1971

Since I took early retirement a couple of years ago I no longer have the disposable income to squander huge amounts of money on rare and obscure ’60s garage and psychedelic records.

To compensate, I spend a lot of time searching for cheap records in charity shops. I don’t mind taking a chance and spending a couple of quid on an album. It’s still quite a buzz finding vinyl junk.

I’ve decided to begin a new series on my blog where I’ll focus on a track from a budget label release, remaster a FLAC directly from the record, create a YouTube video and investigate / research the performer and album under the spotlight.

My new series will be called “Budget Label Curios.”

Who knows what I’ll uncover, the music may be delightful to your ears or it could make you want to bang your head against the nearest brick wall to make the pain go away.

The LP “Supremes Style” cost £2 from a local charity shop in Washington Galleries. I bought a copy of this a couple of years ago but decided another one wouldn’t do any harm. And at two quid it’s a bargain.

What a fantastic cover! Three afro-headed soul chicks draped in tight-fitting funkadelic gear, lounging on a way-out looking American car. All caught on camera using a fish-eye lens.

From 22/12/21 – I left this album behind in ‘The Children’s Society’, Birtley one Friday earlier this month. For the rest of the day I regretted not picking it up for £2 so went back the next day and bought it!

I’ve never bought any Supremes music in the past. I have a hunch that this studio group performing their songs will be better than the originals. I’ve never been that struck on the squawky vocals of Diana Ross.

These recordings are excellently produced, the vocals and instrumentation are true to the originals. Music For Pleasure have really come up trumps with this package. From the glossy cover photo to the thick and heavy vinyl. And of course the concept.

Top marks – recommended LP. Who knows, I may even have to source some original Supremes records now!

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