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Plastic Penny – Your Way To Tell Me Go (Page One) 1968

“Your Way To Tell Me Go” / “Baby You’re Not To Blame” (Page One POF 079) July 1968

Record reviews from the British music press:

Now that Plastic Penny have changed their lead singer, they’ve also changed their style for this new single. Gone is the gripping blues-ballad approach, and in its place we have a forceful medium-pacer with a socking beat.

Despite the pace, it happens to be quite tuneful, and I found myself whistling it immediately as soon as I’d removed it from the turntable.

Colourful performance with impressive soloist aided by some approving harmonies – and I liked the violent solo guitar that was continuingly making its presence felt. (NME – 27/07/68)

Not entirely sold on this one’s chances. The personnel change, with Brian Keith leaving, has not really affected the basic sound, but I’m not too sure about the song itself.

It’s good well constructed, most of the way but could prove a bit short on instant appeal. Nice sounds, though.

Flip: At this stage of the proceedings I tend to prefer it to the top deck. (Record Mirror – 03/08/68)

Pin back your ears! Dig in your toes! Pick your nose, and stand by the NEW SOUND OF THE PLASTIC PENNY!

Yes, folks, here is an exciting blast of sheer jive, that will cause young girls to loosen their stays and lose their inhibitions, while young boys will close their eyes, and sway rhythmically to the beat as if crazed.

Listen for heavy bass patterns, good vocals, and a solid lead guitar. (Melody Maker – 27/07/68)

Beat Instrumental – September 1968

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