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The Flirtations – Nothing But A Heartache (Deram) 1968

“Nothing But A Heartache” / “Christmas Time Is Here Again” (Deram DM 216) November 1968

Record reviews from the British music press:

Before I start I must say the Flirtations are looking better and better on TV these days – which will doubtless help them a great deal.

This is an odd record because there were parts that almost sold it to me in an instant. On the other hand there were other parts that didn’t.

It’s difficult to pick up and I don’t like songs that have the hook line as the verse, or rather that don’t build into the chorus, but go into it straight away.

The record has some solid lurching brass and the lead singer sounded strangely like Laura Nyro in parts. I think it needs more than two plays to grow on me. (Disc & Music Echo – 09/11/68)

The three gorgeous American girls are now based in London. On the Deram label, “Nothing But A Heartache” is a terrific song, just right for their distinctive style, and should be way up in the charts but fast! The number is DM216. (promo ad in Record Mirror – 09/11/68)

These girls built a big following on the strength of their first, which just missed out on the really big sales.

This is a powerful mid-tempo beater, with some extremely strong harmonies . . . . even though there’s a touch of strain in the main voice. A fine production.

Flip: Timely but nothing too special. (Record Mirror – 09/11/68)

From what I’ve heard of the Flirtations’ work, the girls are dab hands at dispensing an atmosphere of exhilaration and well-being. This is a punchy disc, spotlighting an exuberant vocal, aided by a socking all happening backing.

I think I can best describe as middle-of-the-road between the Paper Dolls and the Supremes – possibly leaning slightly to the Detroit sound. (NME – 09/11/68)

Check out the video for The Flirtations banger “Nothing But A Heartache” filmed at Tintern Abbey.

The Abbey was built almost 900 years ago. I wonder what the monastic souls of the dead monks would have thought about these groovy ’60s cherubs in far-out costumes trampling on their historical ruins?

NME – 03/08/68

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