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Me And My Life (Hallmark) 1970

“Me And My Life” (Hallmark CHM 700) September 1970

Since I took early retirement a couple of years ago I spend a lot of time searching for cheap records in charity shops. I don’t mind taking a chance and spending a couple of quid on an album. It’s still quite a buzz finding vinyl junk.

I’ve decided to begin a new series on my blog where I’ll focus on a track from a budget label release, remaster a FLAC directly from the record, create a YouTube video and investigate / research the performer and album under the spotlight.

My new series will be called “Budget Label Curios.”

Who knows what I’ll uncover, the music may be delightful to your ears or it could make you want to bang your head against the nearest brick wall to make the pain go away.

The LP “Top Of The Pops – Volume 13” cost 50p from Shelter and it turns out to be worth it for the track under scrutiny today. “Me And My Life” – a song I previously knew nothing about was released by The Tremeloes in August 1970.

The record was their last chart hit, reaching number 4. After which they became less successful tumbling into the cabaret and Social Club scene entertaining drunks and squares eating ‘chicken-in-a-basket’ from a distant seat.

This remake of “Me And My Life” is almost identical to the original, especially the production and the use of echo and delay on the vocals. The simple rock beat, lead guitar and vocals sound not unlike late period Beatles.

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