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Plastic Blues Band – One Week Ago Today (Busy-B) 1968

“One Week Ago Today” / “A Thing You Gotta Face” (Busy-B Zap 9) May 1968

Not a great deal of information is available or has been written online about The Plastic Blues Band and I would certainly like to know more about them. If hippie blues is your particular bag of candy look no further than this group.

As far as I can gather they were a power trio from New Orleans releasing three obscure and hard to find singles on Busy-B which also released 45s by The Gaunga Dyns, Peabody and The Leather Pages.

As a matter of fact a compilation of Busy-B material would be make an ideal release. “One Week Ago Today” b/w “A Thing You Gotta Face” was The Plastic Blues Band’s second single, both sides are laid back hippie swamp blues.

The flip hints at a Lovin’ Spoonful sound.

They recorded at Cosimo’s Studios for Jeb Banashak and I’m wondering if there are more than the six songs they released. Who knows, unreleased Busy-B recordings may be in the can and sitting on a shelf somewhere.

Jay Wolfe (vocals / guitar)
Johnny Behr (drums)
Ralph Richoux (vocals / bass)

“Country Food” / “Gone” (Zap 8) January 1968
“One Week Ago Today” / “A Thing You Gotta Face” (Zap 9) May 1968
“You’re Gonna Get Burned” / “Dead Seed” (Zap 13) 1969

“Gone” and “Dead Seed” were compiled on LP “Florida Punk From the 60s” (Eva Records) mid 1980s. Both cuts also appeared on the Eva CD “Sixties Archives – Volume 4” from 1991.

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