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The Yardbirds – Heart Full Of Soul (Columbia) 1965

“Heart Full Of Soul” / “Steeled Blues” (Columbia DB 7594) June 1965

Another example proving that The Yardbirds were somewhat ahead of their time was their next single release, the Graham Gouldman penned classic ’Heart Full Of Soul’ in June 1965. It’s one of the earliest examples of Eastern music being mixed with the rock format.

The Yardbirds recorded a version of this using a sitar but the results were deemed not good enough for commercial release. Instead, Jeff Beck used a fuzz box with his guitar to recreate the exotic sounds. It still sounds psychedelic to me though.

The flip ’Steeled Blues’ is a blues instro by Jeff Beck with Keith Relf’s harmonica bursts. (18/07/12)

This time, it’s without Eric Clapton. But there’s still that tremendously powerful sound that this group generate. A smooth, yet powerful beat and some rather interesting lyrics.

Better probably than their last single and not at all similar. Great guitar work and of course, a chart success.

Flip is a slow blues, with strained, almost tortuous guitar work and a pounding drumbeat – plus no vocal. (Record Mirror – 05/06/65)

After a dramatic crashing opening with reverberating twangs, the Yardbirds’ “Heart Full Of Soul” (Columbia) settles into a medium pacer with crashing cymbals. As a backing to the soloist, the other boys indulge in wild flights of ethereal falsetto chanting.

There are a few fascinating tempo changes, but generally the treatment is not so way-out as “For Your Love.” Performance is again first-class.

A strong “B” side, too. It’s a slowly pounding blues instrumental, with accent on some intricate guitar work and a harmonica solo. Good stuff! (NME – 04/06/65)

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Disc & Music Echo – 10/07/65
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