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The Glas Managerie – Natasha (Romain) 1967

“Natasha” / “Mod Threads” (Romain WD 1009) May 1967

My latest Honorary Knyghtes Of Jangle are Coatesville, PA group, The Glas Managerie with their outstanding beat jangler “Natasha” on the tiny local label, Romain Records.

The label was also responsible for releases by other notable acts such as The Bounty Hunters and The One Way Street.

“Natasha” was compiled on ‘Crude PA – Volume Two’ back in the mid-nineties but there is no information on the back cover liners about The Glas Managerie other than the fact that both sides of their Romain label 45 were laid-down at Virtue recording studio in PA.

The other side of the single “Mod Threads” is a fast-paced instrumental and can be found on ‘Off The Wall – Volume 2’.

A faithful version of “Natasha” was released by The Embrooks in 1998 on their four song EP “Don’t Ask For More”.

I have used scanned images of model  Angela Dorian a.k.a. Victoria Vetri who appeared in Playboy magazine – September 1967, just a few months after the release of The Glas Managerie single.

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