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Burghers: Volume 1 (Bink Wink Records) 1997

Classic Sixties Sounds From Steeltown

The Fenways

Like the Dee-Jays, The Fenways (who played behind The Vogues on “You’re The One”) metamorphosed into a rockier unit, but before they did, they, too, fell under the thumb of the British Invasion.

“Be Careful Little Girl” with its twangy string work, reminds listeners of Gerry and the Pacemakers.

The Arondies

WMCK deejay Terry Lee would record the Dee-Jays in the radio station after midnight. He likewise put The Arondies on wax, whose drummer went from flailing sticks to carrying a billy club.

That Clairton band’s “69” – the song everyone can play (with lyrics so simple they’re shocking) – became the “Bolero” of The Pittsburgh Sound.

THE GRAINS OF SAND –”Passing Through The Night” / ”The Castaway Of Capt. Haze” (AMM 008) 1967

Following on from yesterday’s Grand Prees update here’s their second and final disc. For this outing on American Music Makers they changed their name to The Grains Of Sand and explored an introspective psychedelic sound. Both sides are worthy and have been compiled in the past. The best place is on Burghers #1.

”The Castaway Of Capt. Haze” is a slow burner, quite mellow and laid back, a teen psych tripper that ends in a haze of stunning farfisa organ.

I can’t help but think about ”Scarecrow” by Pink Floyd when I hear this, it’s very early Floyd…. magical. (09/12/15)

THE FANTASTIC DEE-JAYS – ’Love Is Tuff’/’Just A Boy’ (Stone Records 44) 1968

This is the second time out for The Fantastic Dee-Jays on Flower Bomb Songs, read about their ’Get Away Girl’/’Fight Fire’ elsewhere on my blog. According to ’Teenbeat Mayhem’, ’Love Is Tuff’ was released by their former Manager Terry Lee sometime in 1968, although both sides date from 1965.

Two great folk-rock sides are on offer with the mournful jangler ’Love Is Tuff’ just edging out the Beatlesesque ballad ’Just A Boy’ on the flip. I really dig both songs though and I’m pleased to give the single some exposure despite it’s ’bootleg’ status. (09/09/13)

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