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Bad Vibrations: Volume 2 (Fossil Records) 1999

16 Mid ’60s Garage Vibrations

Continuing my search for long-forgotten and / or ignored folk-janglers brings me to this obscure bootleg compilation on the German label Fossil Records. My LP is noted on the back of the cover as No. 160 of the second press.

Mostly wonky label scans of each record used on their compilation back cover, some of which I have in my archive. In the past I’ve even reviewed some of them, which are presented here on my new blog ‘Acid Revolver’.

The front image is The Wylde Heard and was used on the picture sleeve of the single “Stop It Girl”.

The compiler states that due to the unavailability of master tapes, slight surface noise might be evident.

I read this to mean that the LP has been created / dubbed from original 45s or MP3 sound files.

THE L.A. TEENS – ’I’m Gonna Get You’ / ’I’ll Come Running Back’ (Decca 31763) May 1965

The L.A. Teens only released two singles, this one under review being their first from May 1965. My previous blog entry when their second 45 ”Saturday’s Child” was reviewed has been updated. 

”I’m Gonna Get You” is a hard edged beat mover with some wild pounding and eerie organ. The other side is a lot more tamer and was probably the chosen side to play on the radio. ”I’ll Come Running Back” falls into the British Invasion bag and is reminiscent of The Searchers. It’s commercial sounding up-tempo jangle beat.

I’d love to know more about The L.A. Teens but information is scant and as far as I’m aware no group pix have ever surfaced on the internet. Three / all of the group members were possibly Ronald Weiser, James Weiser and William Schneed. (16/10/16)

THE WYLDE HEARD – ’Take It On Home’ / ’Stop It Girl’ (Philips 40454) 1967

Based in Wisconsin, The Wylde Heard were one of those bands that had a brief brush with local fame then quickly disappeared leaving behind one 45.

They were originally called The Heard and released ’Take It On Home’ / ’Stop It Girl’ on the small label Feather Records. It must have sold reasonably well or at least the band provoked some major label interest due to gigs because Philips signed them and released the single.

For unknown reasons, the label added ”Wylde” to their name and the band became known as The Wylde Heard. Some copies of this release came in a picture sleeve.

’Stop It Girl’ is a fast paced organ garage pop nugget with some interesting sustain sounds coming from the lead guitar. ’Take It On Home’ on the other hand is an Anglophile ballad of sorts with Association style background harmonies and strings.

I first heard the ”the Heard”, in 1966. The 45 was just a repress of their original regional recording. Which means it was poor at best.

Live The Heard was a 100% better than their single. Too bad you didn’t hear them at their best, they were great. Dick. (06/06/09)

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