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The Orphans – This Is The Time (Epic) 1968

“Deserted” / “This Is The Time” (Epic 5-10348) June 1968

The Orphans were from Boston, Massachusetts and only really ’made’ it when they dropped the ’S’ from their name to become simply Orphan in the late ’60s.

They were led by Eric Lilljequist. He wrote the uncompiled top side ’This Is The Time’, a simple acoustic folk pop tune with strings and things. The better side is the Denny Randell and Sandy Linzer composed ’Deserted’, notable for it’s memorable guitar solo by Lilljequist.

Randell was an arranger, working with Bob Crewe on The Four Seasons early records before going into production, then working on his own songs with lyricist Sandy Linzer.

An earlier single ”There’s No Flowers In My Garden” / ”One Spoken Word” (Epic 5-10288) was released during February, 1968. (13/09/08)

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