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The Byrds – All I Really Want To Do (CBS) 1965

“All I Really Want To Do” / “Feel A Whole Lot Better” (CBS 201796) August 1965

Record reviews from the British music press:

More jangly guitar from the Byrds and another Bob Dylan song. Vocal is almost hidden amidst guitar and echo, but basically there’s a good tune here.

Song is unusual with some complicated lyrics and is taken at a medium-fast pace. Doing OK in the States, but Cher’s version is selling as well there. Not at all folksy.

One of the group penned the flip which has a “Needles ‘n’ Pins” riff running through it. Again, a muzzy sound but a fair tune and unintelligible lyrics.

If you like the Byrds, this is good double-sided value. (Record Mirror 31/07/65)

I think this is a marvellous song. Dylan is the only man around who would write love lyrics like “I don’t want to classify you.”

I also think this is a very good follow-up to “Mr Tambourine Man.” I also know that this will be a gigantic hit – partly because of the Byrds‘ visit which will probably put them down in posterity.

The voices are there again just as good as before and the backing is excellent. But, Byrds fan though I have always been, I prefer the Sonny and Cher recording of this particular song.

Still, never mind, CBS can rest easy in the knowledge that they have captured the most important group since the Beatles on the pop scene today and that this record will prove it.

“Feel A Whole Lot Better” on the flip. (Disc & Music Echo, 31/07/65)

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