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The Peers – Once Upon A Time (LeJac) 1966

“Once Upon A Time” / “Palisades Park” (LeJac 3005) 1966

One of the most obscure groups to come from Minnesota were The Peers. Information on them is scant to say the least, but fortunately their folk-rock jangle fest “Once Upon A Time” was compiled on ‘Hipsville – Volume 3’ back in the mid-nineties.

To date, this is the only occasion that The Peers have been under the deserved spotlight. No other compilation label has found it within them to showcase their magnificent crude and moody jangle sound.

Their scarce single on LeJac rarely turns up for sale, sadly I don’t have a copy. I have used the image of the label from Discogs and cobbled together a YouTube video using various scans from my archive of ’60s music / adult magazines.

Today, The Peers have been bestowed ‘Knyghtes Of Jangle’ status for the sheer joy and bewilderment “Once Upon A Time” gives to me.

Who knows. Someone linked with The Peers may read this and contact me with vital information.

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