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Neal Ford & the Fanatics – Bitter Bells (Tantara) 1966

“Bitter Bells” / “Don’t Tie Me Down” (Tantara T-1101) April 1966

This combo released many singles on various labels during 1965-69 and proved to be a popular draw in their home City of Houston, Texas. They failed to sell vast quantities of records in other locations and to this day are still very much unknown.

They’ve had plenty of compilation appearances but never a full retrospective which they’re long overdue. (this has now been rectified with their “Good Men” CD on Big Beat in 2013).

’Bitter Bells’ is a minor key jangle ballad that will soothe your mind. A stereo version exists from the groups studio album.

Some years ago Mark Taylor from Oz compiled many of his acetates onto a 2 CD set titled ’G45 Unwaxed’…This collection contained many unknown killers and also an early take of ’Bitter Bells’ with a different arrangement and original backing vocals. (01/04/11)

Norton Records officially released the alternative take on their ‘acetates’ series. You’ll find it on “Train To Nowhere!” – Volume 3.

Honorary Knyghtes Of Jangle.

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