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The Other Ones – The Laugh’s On You (acetate) 1966

Long-forgotten acetate brought back from the dead

I’m currently playing each and every garage / psychedelic compilation LP in my archive hoping to find some long-lost or perhaps forgotten sonic treasure.

Norton’s unissued sixties garage acetates are on rotation, all four volumes have something to offer, most of the relics are lo-fi teen buzz with fuzz, schoolboy amateurs venturing into a recording studio for the first time and laying down their unhinged enthusiastic beat.

One track I’m bringing back from the dead / scrapheap of life is an acetate from a group calling themselves The Other Ones.

They drifted into Bud Pressner’s custom recordings facility in Gary, Indiana on the 18th May, 1966 and recorded the song “The Laugh’s On You”, credited to ‘Rueter’.

“The Laugh’s On You” is a folk-rock winner, more than likely recorded in one take and made with haste before their allotted studio time expired.

The acetate was riddled with distortion but that didn’t stop the fine Norton Records label releasing the number on their LP “She Was So Bad!” in 2009.

The American folk-rock sound during the period 1965/67 has always been my favourite style of garage and The Other Ones have been been awarded honorary “Knyghtes Of Jangle”.

Over the coming years I will bestow the Knyghtes Of Jangle to many more combos for their acts of splendid devotion to the electric 12-string Rickenbacker and other ringing guitar tones.

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