documenting the optical sounds of '60s pop, Acid Punk & Psychedelia

A Journey To Tyme: Volume 1 (Phantom Records) 1982

Eight psychedelic / garage singles compiled. Both sides of each 45 under the spotlight

THE UNRELATED SEGMENTS – ’Story Of My Life’ / ’It’s Unfair’ (HBR -514) Feb 1967

A group of teenagers (still in High School) from Michigan got together and formed a band. They named themselves The Unrelated Segments after guitarist John Torock heard the wording in his micro-economics class.

Within weeks they had cut several songs at United Sound Studios and a few months later in February 1967 this sought after 45 on HBR was released. 

’Story Of My Life’ was the top side and it became a hit in several American markets including Michigan and Ohio. In Toledo it reached number 3.
I’ve always thought ’Story Of My Life’ was a little dull and pedestrian so I’ve uploaded the flip ’It’s Unfair’ instead. (07/08/08)

THE BECKETT QUINTET – ‘(It’s All Over Now) Baby Blue’/’No Correspondence’ (Gemcor 5003) Oct 1965

This combo were previously known as The Epics and gigged extensively in New Mexico (where they all came from). They even recorded some demos at the famous Norman Petty studios and sometime in early 1965, armed with these demos decided to seek the big time in Hollywood and look for a record deal.

Now calling themselves The Beckett Quintet they got a deal with a new Hollywood label called Gemcor and released this double sided winner in late ’65. The single must have gained airplay and shifted units because they were interviewed in KRLA Beat and picked up for national release by A&M. Strangely, the major label disc is very hard to find.

According to ARSA radio survey archive, the 45 managed to hit the top 30 on WLOF Orlando, Florida during October 1965.

The flip ’No Correspondence’ has been compiled several times (Pebbles, Garagelands, Journey To Tyme) and is a rudimentary garage classic. The top side and ’hit’ is a cover of ’Baby Blue’ and has that classic Los Angeles folk rock sound.

THE ENFIELDS – ’She Already Has Somebody’/’I’m For Things You Do’ (Richie RI-670) May 1966

One of the best garage punk compilations of all time is ’What A Way To Die’ and I remember getting this when it first came out and being blown away by the all time great melodic folk punker ’She Already Has Somebody’ by The Enfields.

The LP was great but the liners were terrible, especially the entry for The Enfields which seemed to be just made up nonsense.

Thankfully all of The Enfields music was made available on CD in the 90s but it’s a release that I never got around to buying. So I decided to research The Enfields in various sources at hand and found an interview with leader Ted Munda in Misty Lane – Issue 14.

This interview was conducted in 1995 when Munda was 44 years old (this is what he said) and the main thing I got from the interview was that the singer/songwriter from The Enfields (as well as the rest of the band) was still at High School in Wilmington, Delaware when they recorded their classic minor key folk rock.

I’m not a Zen Priest. I wrote a book called ”Zen Munchkins” (Little Wisdoms) and ”The Fizits” published by Charles E. Tuttle Co.

I’ve done a lot of music since the Enfields and would like a Record Company to release it all. I am working on a very advanced Healing Center, Capstone Vortex and have the architectural design copyright and Trademark to the design. Music, Light and Sound. Peace, TED MUNDA (07/08/10)

THE PAINTED FACES – ’Anxious Color’/’Things We See’ (Manhattan 808) June 1967 

One of the classic psych singles to come out of Florida was ’Anxious Color’ by The Painted Faces. They were short lived but left behind some fine singles.

Their first 45 was released locally on Qualicon. This coupled the moody folk rock lament ’Things We See’ with ’I Want You’… The former turning up again as the flip to the Manhattan release.

’Anxious Color’ is where it’s at though with raga sounding guitar leads giving the song a psychedelic sound. According to the liners of the Distortion compilation this 45 was a big hit in South West Florida, hitting number 1 on some stations. It even got extensive airplay on Los Angeles stations making the Top 10. This was probably due to their Mike Curb connections. (14/02/10)

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