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Hipsville: Volume 3 (Kramden Records) 1995

The return of the frozen few

Since the early eighties I’ve bought many hundreds of ’60s garage / psychedelic compilations. At the time they were about all I ever listened too. It was a voyage of discovery, a seemingly endless one at that.

Almost every week new way-out compilations would appear in the independent record shops and the countless dealer-lists I’d receive through the post.

I’d feverously buy the one’s I could afford out of my student loans, then dole money. The eighties weren’t so bad for music if you looked back to the sixties.

The time has come to revisit those glorious vinyl garage compilations.

THE NIGHT CRAWLERS – ’You Say’/’Night Crawlin’ (Maad Records IMP-51166) May 1966

During their brief existence The Night Crawlers from Owatonna, Minnesota, released one 45 on the small Maad Records label. Approximately 1000 copies were made over two pressings. The original release is the green and white label with ’Joel Recordings of Mankato, Minnesota’ on the label. My copy is the second, black label Columbia pressing.   

’You Say’ is a commercial folk rocker with 12 string jangle and flashes of tambourine. It’s no surprise that Night Crawler Marc Reigel confirmed that they were Byrds fans in a recent interview over on

The flip ’Night Crawlin’ is an instrumental composed in the studio on the spot and taped as a live jam.

Despite a huge following and regular gigs The Night Crawlers disbanded in late 1967 when some members graduated from Carleton College and moved on. The Night Crawlers have set up their own Facebook page with in depth details of their history and many cool gig photographs from 1966/67. (16/04/11)

Marc Reigel (piano and organ)
Mark Headington (bass)
Mike Jines (guitar)
Bill Redeker (drums)
Barry Gillespie (vocals)

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