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Hipsville: Volume 2 (Kramden Records) 1985

16 more delicious mystery appetizers

Since the early eighties I’ve bought many hundreds of ’60s garage / psychedelic compilations. At the time they were about all I ever listened too. It was a voyage of discovery, a seemingly endless one at that.

Almost every week new way-out compilations would appear in the independent record shops and the countless dealer-lists I’d receive through the post.

I’d feverously buy the one’s I could afford out of my student loans, then dole money. The eighties weren’t so bad for music if you looked back to the sixties.

The time has come to revisit those glorious vinyl garage compilations.

P. F. Sloan had nothing on the Faces In The Crowd, Cleveland’s brooding folk punk legends. “Clouds Of Doubt” has Immortal lines like “success is failure turned inside out” abound in this masterpiece, rivalling some of the great yearbook and tombstone quotes of all time.

The single was issued on Del-Nita backed with “Lonely Beach” during September 1966.

“Clouds Of Doubt” was covered by The Higher State in 2022.

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