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The Creeps: Enjoy The Creeps (Star Records)

Sweden’s Newest Hit Makers – featured in Splendid fanzine – Issue No. 3 – 1987

THE BACKDOOR MEN – ’Out Of My Mind’ / ’Magic Girl’ (Tracks On Wax 006) 1985

Hip combo from Stockholm, Sweden. One look at the ultra cool sleeve and you just know these guys are gonna deliver the goods. It’s very rare that grumpy lookin’ mods with a way cool image are not just as classy on record. Thankfully The Backdoor Men were as good as any ’80s band.

’Out Of My Mind’ written by Ingemannson/Jelinek is a bit of a Prisoners rip with an intro full of feedback they then burst into life with punky vocals from Jelinek, some searing guitar and background organ.

I would have liked the guitar break to be longer but that’s just a minor complaint. This song rocks big time and is one of the best neo garage tunes of the ’80s.

’Magic Girl’ written by Ingemannson is a psychedelic mass of echoey vocals, guitars and background organ. It’s a sound that The Backdoor Men would not indulge in again. Nor would Jelinek and Ingemannson next band The Creeps. (19/08/07)

Hans Ingemannson (rhythm guitar, background vocals)
Robert Jelinek (lead guitar, vocals)
Stefan Nilsson (bass, background vocals)
Ismeal Samie (drums)

production by Stry Terrarie who also contributed organ parts.

THE BACKDOOR MEN – ”Going Her Own Way” / ”Dance Of The Savages” (FAB Records BM-S 002) 1986

This was Swedish band The Backdoor Men’s second and last 45. Robert Jelinek and Hans Ingemansson would later reform as The Creeps.
’Going Her Own Way’ written by chief songwriter Ingemansson is a 12 string jangle delight and reminds me of those cool pop ballads by The Rolling Stones circa 1965/66…

The other side ’Dance Of The Savages’ is a surf punk instrumental showing their garage side. This one has a strange opening of backwards tapes. The organ led pounder hints at the sound The Creeps would adopt on their fabulous debut album. Sounds a whole lot like The Prisoners.

Not only did The Backdoor Men have the songs they also had the ’way-out’ image to back up their greatness. (19/04/08)

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