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The Turtles – Happy Together (London)

“Happy Together” / “We’ll Meet Again” (London HLU 10115) February 1967

The Turtles‘ first hit in Britain was released during the last week in February 1967. It had been a smash hit in America, reaching the top of the charts.

They were unknowns in Britain and didn’t receive much attention in the music press, just a couple of lines in the review columns.

However, the single slowly gained momentum in this Country, stalling just outside the top ten at No. 12.

Dear Turtles have such a divine sound going. “Happy Together” has warm guitars and the lead singer threads his words together. (Disc & Music Echo – 25/02/67)

Fast-rising American group. This starts off a bit tamely but builds into a most commercial sort of sound. The all-happening bits appealed most. (Record Mirror – 25/02/67)

Disc & Music Echo – 15/04/67

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