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The Worst – Creepy Thing (Screaming Apple)

from the four-song EP on Screaming Apple Records (SCAP 13) 1992

The Worst hailed from Vancouver, Canada and they played hard, fast garage punk. The style of non-music that no one could understand, unless you had thee garage curse.

Their leader, Greg Johnson was a bit of a nut-job and would get boozed up and start fights at the drop of a hat. That is according to Timothy Gassen, who wrote about such a beating in his liners for The Worst’s debut LP.

It’s strange writing this entry now knowing that both Greg Johnson and Tim Gassen are no longer alive. Both men had the vision and aptitude for the noisy, low-level, rock and roll that I’ve admired since the early eighties.

I don’t know anything about The Worst apart from this four song EP. They’ve had other records released on Screaming Apple and Music Maniac but I’ve never heard those.

“Creepy Thing” may be the best example of gonzoid garage punk that they recorded. The track has also appeared on a few compilations over the years, so other people probably think they same way too.

Greg Johnson’s non-singing rants over spooky organ and fuzztoned grungy guitar is certainly a winner on “Creepy Thing” It’s the kind of perfect background noise for your next zombie scare-athon.

Greg (vocals)
Grant (bass)
Gord (guitar)
Karen (organ)
Brian (drums)

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