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Ten Tons Of Lies – You Lie (Voxx)

“The Seeds Of The Next Season” / “You Lie” (Voxx 45-1008) 1985

This multi-sexual band is one of the favourites on the L.A. scene. As nice a bunch of people as you’ll find anywhere, they share a love for spirited garage music and an awesome collection of vintage clothes and instruments.

Paul thrashes the drums for this band (as well as The Untold Fables and, from time to time, other bands in need, including Yard Trauma).

Ted is master of the vox guitar and also one of the swingingest guys around.

Susan and Becky are consistently stunning and adorable in their vast assortment of go-go wigs and mini-skirts. What more could you ask? (single insert)

Paul Sakry (drums, vocals)
Susanne Gallert (bass, vocals)
Becky Ebenkamp (keyboards, guitar, vocals)
Paul Gregory Azpeitia a.k.a. Ted (lead guitar, vocals)

This part-time band contained regulars from the L.A. Cavern Club scene, so Greg Shaw at Voxx gave them a 45 specifically aimed at their peers. (The label even designated it as part of the “Cavern Club Series” of releases, though I don’t think any others followed.)

The music is very innocent ’66 pop-punk, with the right combination of Farfisa and fun. The participants are notable as much for their vintage clothing as their musical accomplishments!

Drummer Paul Sakry was a full-time member of The Untold Fables, and also filled-in with Yard Trauma for a time, and he’s the musical highlight here.

This is pretty fun stuff, not meant to be anything more than a homage to the sound dug by kids in the scene. (Timothy Gassen)

The A-side “Seeds Of The Next Season” is a self-penned number which is basically a rehash of at least two or three ’60s garage beat tunes and in truth doesn’t really go anywhere fast.

The other side “You Lie” is a cover of The Lynx track from 1967. It’s quite a faithful rendition but no handclaps on the mid-eighties version. The drums and guitar tone really hit the mark and on this cut the group demonstrate a confident approach to their craft. What a shame that this obscure single on the Voxx label would be their last.

photo credits: Domenic Priore, Rich Coffee and Gary Wilde

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