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The Witch Doctors – Goin’ To A Graveyard (Screaming Apple Records)

Garage Punk Ghouls on Screaming Apple Records, 1994

I reviewed one of their tracks on my old blog many years ago but it’s the first time The Witch Doctors have graced ‘Acid Revolver’. They were a short-lived group from the L.A. Orange County areas of California and contained ex members of The Untold Fables (Paul Carey) and The Fuzztones (Jake Cavaliere). Most members would regroup as The Finks.

The Witch Doctors released two singles and then an album on Dionysus Records called “Witchdoctors A Go Go” – of course each and every one is worth tracking down.

“Goin’ To A Graveyard” is a Hell-O-Ween garage punk raver with all the necessary ingredients to make the number a must-have on your next Demonic Worship play-list. The song was also recorded in the mid-nineties by The Fuzztones. Jake probably recommended it to Rudi Protrudi.

There’s omnipresent and insidious farfisa organ, supernatural screams, fierce guitar and drums played by a wild and possessed maniac.

In a perfect world these boys would have hit the big time but sadly they’re all probably broke and tucked up, fast asleep, inside their local crypt.

Gregg Hunt (guitar)
Paul Carey (vocals)
Jake Cavaliere (organ)
Steven Hills (bass)
Dave Klein (drums)

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