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Strange Hands – Last Time Around (A Fistful Of Records)

“Dead Frozen Deer” EP (A Fistful Of Records 17) 2010

I was flicking through a box of records looking for some Vice Barons singles which I must have miss-filed because they’re still missing. Anyway, in the record box holding around fifty singles was this one by Strange Hands.

For the life of me I can’t remember why or when I bought it! It was probably one of those mail order purchases from somewhere in Europe when I’d buy a handful of singles and add some unknowns, to capitalise on the shipping costs.

I would have played the record once then stored it away, and moved onto the next record. What was I thinking? Maybe I had other things on my mind at the time. Whatever the reason, I should not have neglected this 45 for so long because it’s fantastic.

Strange Hands, from Bordeaux in France, were active for a few years and gigged around Europe, even playing gigs in England. At the time I was oblivious. They released some records during the period 2010 -2014.

The “Dead Frozen Deer” EP is the only record I have by Strange Hands in my archive. It was their first and only single. It’s the title for the EP, it’s not a song title or anything, just a strange title. The band name is a little weird too . . . Strange Hands . . . what’s that all about?

The three band members also look a little weird with their unfashionable moustaches and anti-fashion clothes style. Their music is basic garage punk but they look nothing like garage rockers, if you know what I mean.

All four songs on the EP are loud and somewhat primitive, there is fuzztones throughout, probably there to hide their adolescent guitar skills. “Living Dead” has a catchy beat-punk rhythm and is a haphazard Bo Diddley-inspired cranium crusher.

The ultra crude “Last Time Around” is perhaps their most potent garage punk offering. This is the kind of sound that will annoy your neighbours. Crank up the volume and play it loud.

The record had a very small pressing of 360 copies. It came with an insert where the band thank their supporters, including Madonna. Yeah, these boys are hilarious.

The wraparound thick-card record sleeve is beautifully created in black, gold and purple colours. An excellent product all ’round.

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