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Fridays Keepers – Take Me For A Ride (Momentum)

“Take Me For A Ride” / “Sorrow At My Door” (Momentum 676) 1967

Continuing my trawl through the long-forgotten psychedelic wastelands of the sixties and I was reminded about a rarity from an undocumented group from California called Fridays Keepers.

Sometime in 1967 they recorded and released an impossibly rare single on Momentum Records, a small label owned by Hollywood record producer, Don Perry.

I haven’t been able to find any worthwhile information about the origins of Fridays Keepers but their sole record must surely rank as one of the most way-out records of the short-lived late sixties psychedelic scene . . . you know, before the hippies took over and it all became washed-out and mainstream.

I don’t have an original copy of this record. I was outbid once on eBay for a copy about eight years ago. I saved the label image from the auction sale. From memory I think the 45 sold for $225.

The music is a fairly stripped-back affair, the guitar plays uncluttered notes, someone taps away in the background on something hollow, the almost spoken vocals yearn for a journey inside someone’s mind. The whole thing is trippy and otherworldly, almost spiritual.

Take me for a ride
On the river in your mind
Take me for a ride
Let me see what I can find.

Fridays Keepers

“Take Me For A Ride” has only ever appeared on one compilation over the decades. You will find it on Psychedelic Unknowns – Volume 6. The creator of this series has to be congratulated for unearthing such a rarity.

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