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The Mad Lads – Everything Is Blue (IGL Records)

“Runaway” / “Everything Is Blue” (IGL 45-136) April 1967

This is a rare and very obscure psychedelic folk-rock single on IGL Records. It is believed that The Mad Lads hailed from Iowa, but very little, if anything, is known about them.

The top side, a cover version of “Runaway” is a competent effort, although the vocal dynamics of Del Shannon haven’t really been attempted by the singer from The Mad Lads. Who could hope to compete with Sir Del anyway?

The famous instrumental break on the Musitron has been replaced by compact organ, it’s still a worthy effort all the same.

Flip the disc over and brace yourself to be consumed by the most beautiful sound on Planet Earth. The superlative “Everything Is Blue” is a sombre but smouldering psychedelic jangler. It’s unlikely you will ever hear one as sublime.

I doubt that many people have been hipped to this glorious sonic jewel. The song has been compiled only twice, on The IGL Rock Story – Volume 2 way back in 1994 and Get Hip Recordings also released a vinyl only compilation of IGL folk-rock during the same year.

Someone out there must know something about The Mad Lads but for now they will remain, along with The Dovers, one of the most mysterious outfits in garage land.

I have used scanned images of model Gwen Wong, who appeared in Playboy magazine – April 1967. This of course was the same month / year that the magnificent Mad Lads 45 gained release and exposure to a handful of people.

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