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The Monopoly – House Of Lords (Polydor)

“House Of Lords” / “Magic Carpet” (Polydor 56164) May 1967

This is an obscure record from a group out of Birmingham. The Monopoly haven’t received much online attention over the years but I did create a YouTube video of “House Of Lords” some years back in the hope that some information would turn up about them.

Nothing did of course, and I’ve scoured my archive of sixties music press and could only find one small item of interest, which I’ve posted here.

“House Of Lords” is a very obscure Bee Gees song which was never released by them during their psychedelic heyday. The Monopoly probably obtained a demo version of this number (both Polydor label artists) and decided to create their own version.

It’s a very regal song, faster in tempo than the Bee Gees offering. The harmonies are graceful, almost medieval in delivery. It would be easy to be swept back in time to the Tudor age. The blissful classical guitar should have been used more though.

My copy of the record has been date stamped “2 Oct 1967” but checking the catalogue number on the label, the single is definitely a May 1967 release. Perhaps the October date is when the radio station obtained or filed their copy. A mystery for sure.

House Of Lords / Magic Carpet (Polydor 56164) 05/67
We’re All Going To The Seaside / It Isn’t Easy (Polydor 56188) 08/67

Top Pops – May 1967

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