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Grassfire – Smell Of Incense (Steamboat)

“Smell Of Incense” / “Aunt Morley’s Wheatcakes” (Steamboat) 1969

I don’t know anything about Grassfire that I can say with accuracy. The buyer who sold me this 45 said that they were from Minnesota. However, the u-spaces group compiled ’Aunt Morley’s Wheatcakes’ on Psychedelic Arch Volume 7 and they claimed that the disc had a 1970 release and that Grassfire were from Superior, Wisconsin.
Hmmn, so if anyone out there knows for sure get in touch.

’Smell Of Incense’ is an even slower take than the original by West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band and less bombastic than the Southwest F.O.B. cover. I dig the cool guitar sound that Grassfire have laid down giving the song an acid psych touch.

The other side ’Aunt Morley’s Wheatcakes’ is rather a silly song title for an excellent psychedelic rocker. The song title conjures up some kind of twee pop psycher but it’s not. This side really rocks out in a late sixties kinda way. Cool stuff all round.

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