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Eric Burden & the Animals – When I Was Young (MGM Records)

“When I Was Young” / “A Girl Named Sandoz” (MGM K13721) March 1967

Record reviews from the British music press:

Mixture of the strident and the gentle, and I’d say it must be a sizeable hit. Eric sings very well indeed – talking about the days when he was a kid. Reminiscences and rather touching. Hearty strident beat, but there are a stack of original ideas, too. It really powers along.
Flip: Much more bluesily urgent. Good contrast; good sound. (Record Mirror, 20/05/67)

Disc & Music Echo, 20/05/67
Record Mirror, 20/05/67
NME, 27/05/67
Top Pops – Issue 1, May 1967
Disc & Music Echo, 27/05/67

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