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Lulu – The Boat That I Row (Columbia)

“The Boat That I Row” / “Dreary Days And Nights” (Columbia DB 8169) April 1967

Record reviews from the British music press:

New label for Lulu and I’m sticking my neck out to say it’ll make it. Takes a bit of time to get under way, but it builds, sound-wise, beautifully, and there’s no doubt that Lulu is a great personality seller. Organ, in the background; Lulu at hand-clapping tempo in front. I liked it.
Flip: a slower, more romantic sort of ballad – not so impact-y. (Record Mirror, 15/04/67)

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Record Mirror, 15/04/67
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Record Mirror, 22/04/67
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Top Pops, Issue 1, May 1967
Disc & Music Echo, 13/05/67
Disc & Music Echo, 20/05/67
Disc & Music Echo, 27/05/67
Record Mirror, 20/05/67

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