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The Small Faces – I Can’t Make It (Decca)

“I Can’t Make It” / “Just Passing” (Decca F. 12565) March 1967

“Terrific but typical” was the verdict of one reviewer, which neatly encapsulated The Small Faces‘ predicament as 1966 turned into 1967.

Caught between their audience’s desire for instant, upbeat pop, and their own instinct to create a more soulful, textured, cusp-of-psychedelia sound, “I Can’t Make It” – recorded for Immediate but released as a contractual obligation to Decca after the split with Don Arden. It only scraped into the Top 30.

Record reviews from the British music press:

Disc & Music Echo, 04/03/67
Record Mirror, 04/03/67

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