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The Hollies – On A Carousel (Parlophone)

“On A Carousel” / “All The World Is Love” (Parlophone R 5562) February 1967

This was the first Hollies single of 1967, both sides of the disc were recorded at Abbey Road studios during the 11th to 13th of January.* The B-side, “All The World Is Love” hinted at a new psychedelic direction which would be in full bloom by the middle of the year with their album “Evolution.”

“On A Carousel” was classic Hollies with jangle guitar and three-part harmonies intact. The record was a great success and peaked at #4 in the chart.

* From the EMI CD release of The Complete Hollies April 1963 – October 1968

Record reviews from the British music press:

Great, gentlemen! You’ve come up with another tremendous and original song . . . slower than usual, but with all the usual Hollie ingredients of dynamic vocal harmonies and pushful instrumental backing. Song builds beautifully and must be a massive hit. Flip: a wee bit of a droner. (Record Mirror, 11/02/67)

Disc & Music Echo, 04/02/67
Disc & Music Echo, 18/02/67
Disc & Music Echo, 25/02/67
Melody Maker, 04/03/67

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