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Psychedelic Disaster Whirl (Bootleg)

16 Rare and Wyld 45s – Lotsa Loud Fuzz

Here’s one of those insanely obscure ’60s acid punk compilations from the mid-eighties. It is believed that a small initial pressing of 400 copies were made but then the LP was bootlegged a few times but with a lessening of quality control that had a major impact on the sound.

Original pressings have been numbered in ink but the bootlegs are without numbers. This is the way to confirm authentic copies.

The compilation collects sixteen of the rawest and wildest psychedelic punk nuggets from the mid to late-sixties. Virtually everything on “Psychedelic Disaster Whirl” piles on fuzz, echoes, weird delay & bent guitar work. The songs are mostly hard-driving sonic relics and feedback encrusted mind-distorters.

As with the majority of these cheaply made compilations from the eighties there are no liner notes but that’s OK. Who back then, during the prehistoric dark-ages would know anything about outfits like Scorpio Tube, Perpetual Motion Workshop or the Children Of The Night?

At least I know that the compilers used original copies of the 45s because they’re badly photo-copied on the back of the cover.


  • Plague – The Face Of Time
  • Perpetual Motion Workshop – Won’t Come Down
  • Quiet Jungle – Everything
  • Last Knight – Shadow Of Fear
  • Human Expression – Optical Sound
  • Sixpence – In The Building
  • Children Of The Night – World Of Tears
  • Twentieth Century Zoo – You Don’t Remember
  • Scorpio Tube – Yellow Listen
  • Inexpensive Handmade Look – What’s Good Is Up
  • Starlites – I Can’t See You
  • Perpetual Motion Workshop – Infiltrate Your Mind
  • Story Tellers – Cry With Me
  • Caretakers Of Deception – Cuttin’ Grass
  • Boy Blues – Coming Down To You
  • Strange Fate – Hold Me Baby

CARETAKERS OF DECEPTION – ’Cuttin’ Grass’/’X+Y=13’ (Sanctus SS-12) 1967

First of all, what a fucking GREAT name for a group!!! So it’s fingers crossed that such a fantastically named combo had the sound to match and I’m pleased to say that our forgotten heroes certainly had that.

The Caretakers Of Deception are believed to come from the Los Angeles area (at least the record label Sanctus guides me to L.A.) ’Cuttin’ Grass’ is an awesome garage hymn with manic surging hallucinogenic organ, primitive guitar and pissed off vocals. These opening lines are spat out by the vexed singer:

”It’s hard enough for me to see
When you’ve taken my eyes from me.
Thrown them in the filth on the street
You crush them on the floor”

The flip and cryptically named ’X+Y=13’ calms things down slightly but it’s still edgy 12 string folk garage of the highest order with lavish Farfisa moodiness. I feel honoured to be able to listen to this greatness albeit via my bootleg from the ’garage greats’ 45 series.

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