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The Bystanders – 98.6 (Piccadilly)

“98.6” / “Stubborn Kind Of Fellow” (Piccadilly 7N.35363) January 1967

The Bystanders hailed from Merthyr Tydfil in South Wales who managed to hang around long enough in the sixties to release several singles mostly all based around their tight harmonies and heavily influenced by The Beach Boys and The Four Seasons.

This version of “98.6” from January 1967 has a faster tempo, a sophisticated arrangement and classy harmonies. Certainly a good take of the song which became a hit for Keith.

Record reviews from the British music press:

Entering the “98.6” battle are The Bystanders (Pye Piccadilly 35363), who do more than well on the intriguing song, even if the original does finally win out (Record Mirror, 14/01/67)

Disc & Music Echo, 14/01/67

The release of “98.6” opened the new year. “We’d received a demo from the publisher to do a cover,” recalls Micky Jones of the song performed more successfully by Keith (Philadelphian Barry James Keefer). “But his was the original, and it was better anyway.”

The B-side was of less obscure US origin. “Vic wanted to do “Stubborn Kind Of Fellow” , cos he thought he could sing like Marvin Gaye. I used to do it with a band I was with before; it was as simple as that.”

“98.6” / “Stubborn Kind Of Fellow” was issued in January 1967, the same month as the original entered the UK charts and killed it stone dead.

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