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Wishful Thinking – Hang Around Girl (Decca)

“Count To Ten” / “Hang Around Girl” (Decca F 12598) April 1967

Wishful Thinking have been somewhat neglected over the decades, in particular with regards to compilation selections or even those handy ‘collection’ CD re-issues.

In the late sixties they were more-or-less ignored in Britain but found some success on the Continent, this was probably due to their stint supporting Syd’s Pink Floyd during their Danish exploration.

They started out as a competent Beat Group called The Emeralds, releasing three singles, two on the Decca label, before renaming themselves Wishful Thinking.

With their change of name came a change in musical and fashion styles. They embraced the hippie movement and wore colourful psychedelic shirts and beads. Their sound changed from polished beat numbers to harmony enriched pop psych nuggets.

Five more singles followed on Decca during 1966-68 as Wishful Thinking with limited success, they were barely mentioned in the British music press but did get the odd record review.

“Count To Ten” was released during April 1967 and is a classy combination of The Ivy League meets The Beach Boys. My pick is “Hang Around Girl,” hidden away on the B-side.

Both sides of the disc demonstrate that Wishful Thinking had the talent and vocal ability to be successful chart contenders but sadly they didn’t enjoy mass appeal.

Record reviews from the British music press:

Beginning of “Count To Ten” by Wishful Thinking reminded me of a school choir and the rest of the Ivy League (Disc & Music Echo, 08/04/67)

“Count To Ten” – shades of the Ivy League in the falsetto harmonies. Medium paced, ear-catching, good lyric – but the tune doesn’t have much impact. Absorbing sound, though (NME, 08/04/67)

Decca singles:
Turning Round / V.I.P. (F 12438) 07/66
Step By Step / Looking Around (F 12499) 10/66
Count To Ten / Hang Around Girl (F 12598) 04/67
Peanuts / Cherry Cherry (F 12627) 06/67
It’s So Easy / I Want You Girl (F 12760) 04/68

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