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The Neumans – Fuzz Filled Dreams (Wild Records)

”Fuzz Filled Dreams” / ”Stroke Of Midnight” / ”What’s Wrong With You” (Wild Records) 2013

Every so often a new garage group will create a slab of genius every bit as raw and exciting as the ’66 punk swingers we all love or those killer cuts from 80s revival combos. It’s a rare event but it still does happen. Take this raucous 45 r.p.m. from Santa Ana hustlers The Neumans as your aural and visual flashback from the past.

”Fuzz Filled Dreams” is a fuzz ravin’ teen punk blast of Godliness and is already one of my all time fave rave turntable spins. Quite an achievement when I have thousands to choose from. If someone ever decides to compile a ”Back From The Grave” type set with contributions from post 1966 groups I’d be severely disappointed if this hot mind cruncher isn’t the lead off track on Side One.

Featuring vintage vox instruments, cavemen and a cavegirl, energy, pulsating beats, reverb, snarl, fuzztoned magic and the wildest and most animalistic garage punk screams you’re likely to hear this side of 1966.

You’re gonna dig this impossible to find debut disc by the mighty Neumans. It’s a huge shame that they recently called it quits because of ’musical differences.’

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