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Willow Green – Fields Of Peppermint (Whiz Records)

Fields Of Peppermint’ (Whiz Records 619) June 1970 the flip side is the backing track of ‘Fields Of Peppermint’

In an earlier life Willow Green were The Nomads of “Thoughts Of A Madman” fame. Larry Deatherage: “The Nomads later released a record nationally on Double Shot/Whiz Records in 1970.

The title of the A side was “Fields Of Peppermint” and the record company changed the name of the group to Willow Green. The song got favourable write-ups in both Cashbox and Billboard magazines. The song climbed to about 120 on the Billboard charts and was one of the top ten most requested airplays on a number of radio stations across the country.”

To the best of my memory “Thoughts—” was recorded in Gibsonville, N.C. and I guess the studio was affiliated with the Tornado label.

‘Willowgreen’ b/w ‘Plastic Yea’ was recorded in 1969. King James was the name we chose for the label because our manager was James H. Johnson. I guess he got in touch with Whiz records and they paid for us to go back in the studio and up-tempo the song which we did with the same personnel and they released the song nationally.

Bruce Evans, Larry Deatherage, Mike Badgett, Gerry Martin and Mike Beason were the band members.

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