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Sunshine Reigns – Acelia Dulfin (MBM Productions)

 ’Acelia Dulfin’/ ’Laura (Is The Girl)’ (MBM Productions 1946) 196?

This combo are a mystery to me, nothing is written about them in any of the sources I have and no one has written about them online. MBM Productions were a small label operating out of Crowley, Louisiana, so perhaps that’s a clue as to where Sunshine Reigns came from.

MBM Productions also released a 45 by 49th Blue Streak – another unknown group.

’Acelia Dulfin’ was the flip side and it’s a mournful teen garage loner/outsider trip about a girl not worth bothering about. It starts off with a spoken intro over some mysterious bass and farfisa organ and it’s quite clear that the singer has been burned by this chick before.

After the spoken intro the song bursts into folk rock jangle

”This is a story about a friend I once had
For he’s mixed up with this girl
And I knew she was bad.
So I gave him some advice about her
And I think you ought to listen to it to,
It might help you some day”

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