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Ken Smart – The Company I Keep (Vogue)

The Company I Keep’ / ‘On A Day Like Today’ (Vogue DV 14679) January 1968 

This is one of those one off records that would have been more or less ignored back when they were released. In a perfect world Ken Smart’s ”The Company I Keep” would have been bought by millions worldwide and Ken would have been rejoiced as the next talented psychedelic minstrel.

Sadly, nothing became of this record or Ken Smart who is extremely neglected online to the extent that he’s almost oblivious. 

”The Company I Keep” is a joyful orchestrated pop psych ballad, beautifully sung and enriched with resplendent harmonies and a melody that is impossible to ignore.

The other side ”On A Day Like Today” is also quite wistful but not in the same league as the top side. The record was released in Britain on Domain Records but Ken’s name was switched to Brindley D. Spender. It appears that the latter is his real name. Production by Miki Dallon.

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