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The Rogues – Picture Gallery 1966-1967

Back in 2010 I was contacted by Diane Ruszczyk who was a huge Rogues fan during their tenure as Buffalo’s Number One group. Fortunately she took several photographs during that 1966/67 era and they will be shared on my blog.

The Rogues just happened to record ’You Better Look Now’, one of the greatest folk punk janglers of all time:

The Rogues were:

Robert Radel (bass)
Gary Jaros (drums)
Michael Spriggs (lead guitar)
James Pierotti (lead singer)
Dave Smith (rhythm guitar)

A message to me from lead guitarist Michael Spriggs:

Hello from the USA,
Thank you so much for taking all the time to put up the Rogues Blog, it’s really very cool and I was elated to see that Diane still had all that info. I wish I had some more to give you but my Father threw out my entire collection of Rogues memorabilia when he moved to Florida years ago (I had already moved to Nashville by then)

Awesome work my friend and thank you!!!!!!

Best Regards,
Michael Spriggs

Thanks once again to Diane Ruszczyk for preserving and sharing these fantastic images and ephemera of The Rogues.

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