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The Fogcutters – I Want Your Love Again (Charter Records)

‘Casting My Spell’ / ‘I Want Your Love Again’ (Charter CR-1217) December 1965

The Fogcutters were early exponents of the folk-rock sound before relocating to Los Angeles and changing their name to The Fantastic Zoo.

The Fantastic Zoo released two singles on the latest hip record label Double Shot Records during late 1966 and early 1967. The trippy mindblower, “Light Show” is perhaps their most famous song.

‘I Want Your Love Again’ has a gorgeous jangle sound with harmonies and would not have sounded out of place on the Sunset Strip at that time. It’s a very strong B-side which would have gone unnoticed. Compilers of ’60s garage compilations have also ignored the number.

The top side ‘Casting My Spell’ is a driving beat pounder, written by Edwin and Alvin Johnson. The song was recorded by several British Beat groups during the 1964/65 period, including The Pirates, The Talismen and The Measles.

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