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The F.B.I. – What Am I To Do (Gemini)

’Day-Time Nite-Time’ / ’What Am I To Do’ (Gemini G-500 / G-501) May 1967

I enjoy trying to solve the mysteries behind obscure mid sixties groups and the records they left behind, after all, this is what my site ”Acid Revolver” is all about. Under my scrutiny at this moment in time is a combo called The F.B.I. a.k.a. Four Boys Inc.

Just who were they? and where did they come from? This is my quest, my aim is to find out the accurate details because a complete lack of information exists online and the few scraps of data in a couple of music guides I have, give a conflicting picture.

It seems that The F.B.I. released ”Day-Time Night-Time” / ”What Am I To Do” on Gemini during May 1967 (according to Teenbeat Mayhem). Both songs were written by Dennis Tracy and both songs are simply wonderful examples of folk jangle, a genre of music that is my absolute favourite.

”Day-Time Nite-Time” owes a lot to The Byrds ”Eight Miles High” but this pastiche is no mere imitation. The beautiful jangle is frantic and earnestly flows throughout, the backbeat is simple and rhythmic with organ bursts, all culminating in a genius recording.

The other side ”What Am I To Do” is one of the most delicate jangle ballads I’ve ever heard, the guitar rings out it’s gorgeous chime and the spoken mid section is sublime and elevates the song to pure pop perfection.

The record label indicates a Universal City, California address and raises yet another question. Was that the location of The Four Boys Inc or the address of the Gemini record label?

For whatever reason, the single was repressed with exact label details apart from the name of the group which was given as The Band Of Wynand. According to an online source the re-release occurred during October 1967.

”Day-Time Nite-Time” has been compiled on ”Fuzz, Flaykes & Shakes – Volume 1”, their liner notes suggest that the Band Of Wynand hailed from Los Angeles. More recently both songs from this 45 appeared on a CD only release ”The Cicadelic 60s – Volume 3” – I don’t have this so can’t compare the music but they may be demo versions according to ”Fuzz, Acid & Flowers”

I have a 45 by His Majesty’s Coachmen and I’ve always wondered if they were they same group as the Band Of Wynand. Both songs on this disc ”I Don’t Want To See You” / ”Where Are You Bound” are written by Dennis Tracy and are both folk janglers. The record was even released on the Gemini label and both ’groups’ share the same Producer, Dick Shepp.

According to ’Teenbeat Mayhem’ His Majesty’s Coachmen hailed from Santa Barbara, CA.

ARSA has this song charting for one week in Santa Barbara (KIST) in August 1966. Teenbeat Mayhem lists the release as August 1967? meaning that the F.B.I. record is perhaps May 1966.

I did some research on Dick Shepp and he was given production status on a record released by Joey Martin on Imperial Records. ”Joey’s Prayer” / ”Joey’s Letter” was released December 1967

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