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His Majesty’s Coachmen – I Don’t Want To See You (Gemini)

’I Don’t Want To See You’/ ’Where Are You Bound’ (Gemini G-1004) Aug 1966

This combo, from Santa Barbara, CA, are a complete mystery to me. They’ve rarely had anything written about them and Fuzz, Acid And Flowers even failed to mention His Majesty’s Coachmen.

’I Don’t Want To See You’ is a jangle pop delight and brings to my mind The Dovers. The flip ’Where Are You Bound’ is more jangle sweetness but this time with organ and vocal harmonies. According to Teenbeat Mayhem this 45 was released August 1967 but the record is highlighted as ’a hit bound sound’ on this radio sheet from August 1966.

Both sides were written by Dennis Tracy and produced by Dick Shepp at Columbia Studio in L.A.

ARSA has this song charting for one week in Santa Barbara (KIST) in August 1966. Maybe they ploughed the same fields, so to speak, as The Dovers!

Related group, perhaps even the same combo: The F.B.I.

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