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The Sheds – Folkestone mop-top outsiders

Long forgotten garage band, in existence from 1988 to 1991

Make a quick search in google for The Sheds of Folkestone and you’ll find hundreds if not thousands of wooden garden sheds. These sheds are where blokes hide their plant pots, leeks, Alan Titchmarsh books and perhaps their Monty Don fan club letters.

But I’m only interested in a little known garage punk band from the late ‘80s, early ‘90s called The Sheds.

Fortunately, over time, I have acquired a healthy knowledge base and garage punk connections and was able to approach some prime movers in the hope that they would furnish me with any relevant information and perhaps ancient photos held captive for decades in rusting tin boxes. 

The Sheds were:
Marty Ratcliffe (guitar / vocals)
Mole (bass)
Mike Warren (drums)
Jay Darlington (vox organ) joined 1990
Martin Jordan (tambourine / backing vocals) joined 1990

The Sheds were formed in 1988 but it took them a little while to venture out onto the gig scene where they effortlessly created their vicious noise at local pubs in Folkestone. According to Marty their first outing was on the 16th June, 1989.

Perhaps their pinnacle was two support slots for an early line-up of hippie types Ozric Tentacles. They also shared a gig with ancient folk relics Caravan, this was during the Summer of 1990.

Cast your mind back to that period in time. Gazza was crying his eyes out as England surged to the semi-finals of the World Cup in Italy and The Sheds were burning the ears off anyone who dared to listen to their inept garage punk sounds.

The Sheds made several demo tapes and some of their gigs were recorded for prosperity. Perhaps one day something will emerge back from the grave. Until then, here is a collection of rare photos I have obtained from my connections.

What happened next?

Marty and Mole formed The Mystreated and recorded their first demos in October 1991. Their first gig was in November of the same year. There was then a flurry of releases starting with “10 Boss Cuts” on Hangman Records and the single “There’s No Escape” on Sympathy For The Record Industry in 1992 and a three song EP “You Better Run” on Twist in 1994.

Jay Darlington was an original member of Kula Shaker from 1994.

Martin Jordan and Mike Warren were in local group The Disturbed who cut a 1997 single (“Eye Spy” / “Don’t Stop”) for Detour Records.

update from Simon Taylor:

Martin and Jay were previously in The Relics before joining The Sheds. There is also a second Disturbed 45 “Are You Alien” on Eagle Records. Another related band is Tilt-A-Whirl (there’s some YouTube footage out there). Great photos by the way!

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